Friday, January 25

The Cost of Friendliness

I've never wanted to destroy my News Feed more.

Do I really HAVE to have a flashing red sign thrown in my face everytime I turn the corner? It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to or thought it might -- awesome. Now can I just move on?!

Or is it not enough that I felt like an idiot when I first found out? Is it not enough that everytime I think about it I kind of want to shrivel up in dark hole? Is it not enough for me to be the odd man out here? I guess it's not enough for me to be hurt in this, but I've got to pretend to be happy about it too.

Sometimes I really hate being nice...


Unknown said...

Then don't be. If being nice is costing you something then its not the real thing. It is sometimes better to be a little rude and true to yourself, than pretend and hurt inside.

Now granted I don't know the reason behind this post. But this is what I feel.

*pats on head* But you know what? I hope...! for you.