Saturday, March 29

Sugar Flowers and Smelly Leather Skates

It's the the part of springtime where my favorite, little, white, sugar smelling flowers start popping up all over the place. It's a good thing too because if they weren't around I'd probably be pretty depressed about now if I didn't have like a thousand of them right outside my door to pick whenever I started feeling icky and sad.

God has a funny way of bringing little things like flowers and nostalgic candy into my life just when I need them. Like last night, I needed to go to Skates 280 and fall on my butt a few times. I needed the ring pops and the glass bottle of Cheerwine. I needed the smelly leather roller skates that are probably older than me. I'm not sure I needed the gold spray paint in my hair or the tights -- but that part was good for the soul too.