Saturday, June 28

I Want To Tear Down The Walls

There's just something about a roadtrip that's good for the soul. Maybe it's the zoning out to spectacular music and chasing the sunset on your way back west. Maybe it's meeting the new people and laughing at the guys who try to car flirt. Maybe it's freaking out about the fact that we kept saying or doing the same thing at the same time.

Mostly it's just gettingaway and being able to think everything through without thinking about anything really.

I'm in love with someone who loves me but will never love me in the same way that I love him. I'm his sister. I take care of him, I look out for him, I clear up the mysteries of the female mind and I sheild him from the twistedness of the.. ah..female mind. lol

And he functions as both my big and little bro. I love it.. but it kills me. But I love it..

Fun place to be let me tell ya.
If you only knew how things had changed.