Friday, October 17

My Problem

If I could sleep on a blue and white polka dotted couch next to a music room... I would.

If I could just write devotions and listen to the dramas of the Bubble People all day long and make a diffference... I would.

If I could be your wife and raise your children with no paycheck... I would.

If I could function outside the bounds of what people think you ought to do... I would.

If I could work my little heart heart out doing all the little things that it so longs to do for this awful, tired world... I would.

I would and I would be happy.

I don't wanna live like those people behind the wrought iron, ivy covered gates. I'm perfectly happy on a polka dotted couch next to a music room. I think closets are over rated. I think it's all over rated.

But nodoby else does. Everybody else wants to run away somewhere exciting. Everybody else wants to work somewhere with benefits. I just want to find my own version of benefits.

I don't belong.
I'm not a normal person.

Good thing though, because nobody else is either.