Tuesday, October 14

You Are God

From the start the child was helpless
When they turned her out to die
Not a soul would have compassion
Till the Lord himself passed by

You spoke her into beauty
Breathed life into her lungs
Wrapped yourself around her
When she was at the age for love

You entered in a covenant
Made a vow and called her yours
But she whored away your riches
To all that passed her door

You are a Savior to those
Who are defiled and unclean
You’re the Redeemer of one
Who would not be redeemed
A groom to a cold a faithless bride
A husband who is often cast aside
Though she’s forgotten now
You’ll satisfy your vow
Then she will know that You are God

I continued in my wicked ways
Still you supplied my every need
Though I sacrificed to idols
All the gifts you'd given me

When my lovers did not seek me
I would bribe them with your jewels
Till you gave me over to them
Made me see I'd been a fool

Still You remember the covenant
We had entered in my youth
And my shame will never haunt my dreams
For I am free to dream of you

You were my Savior
When I was defiled and unclean
You were my Redeemer
When I would not be redeemed
A groom to this cold and faithless bride
A husband that I have often cast aside
And I can see that now
You satisfied your vow
That I would know that You are God