Tuesday, October 7

You Love

I posted a version of this awhile back as a poem. I've adapted it and added a few verses and now that I've got a guitar(thanks again Nathan!!!!) added some music to it
I've written a thousand letters
I've hummed that same sad tune
I sit and sigh a love song
Darling, only for you

I listen, though it bruises
I smile and I agree
She's beautiful, she's lovely
To you love, not to me
To you love, never to me

I keep my troubles secret
Bottled up inside
I'll solve all your problems
Rather yours than mine

And while you've loved another
Though you may never see
I've done this all for you, dear
For you, love, not for me
For you, love, never for me

I'll go with him if you ask me
I'll tell you I agree
He's handsome, he's a keeper
But he's not right for me

I can not love another
And though you may never love me
I'm waiting here for you dear
For you love, you and me
For you love, you and me
Please say that you love me