Thursday, January 28

Let's Get Married and Not Talk Sometimes

There's something beautiful about a comfortable silence. Sure we sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing and all the inbetweens but this right now is a tangible symbol of our ease with each other. You're over there all sleepy and I'm over here all awake and typing and it's just so perfectly cozy.

I could live like this for a long time -- Both of us working hard and striving towards excellence, spending off days just enjoying each other and the time God has given us.

I love that we have so many of the same ideas about how we should work -- that no matter where you are you have a calling to be God's instrument and let him use you. I love that we're passionate about being all there and being the best that we can be for God. I love that you have all these wonderful dreams about moving up in the company,but more than that I love that you desire greatly to have an impact on everyone you come in contact with. I love that you have designed your life towards being a faithful steward of all that God has blessed and entrusted you with.

I'm glad that of all the possible places God could have taken me that He's placed me in your life. I never thought it possible that any man could love me like this, but you do. You take great care in taking care of me -- even when I resist it. I haven't been used to that sort of love, but I'm becoming accustomed to it. You're so very thoughtful, so very kind, so precious to me. You're one of a kind and I'm so blessed to be the one you love, the one who gets to love you.

This is getting sappier by the second. Whatever, I don't care -- I want the whole world to see and know how wonderful you are and how much I adore you. I can hardly wait to be your wife and have all sorts of comfortable silences like this one. I look forward to the chatter and conversations as well, but for the moment this serene peace is nice.


Anonymous said...

hey anna belle.

i like ur name. i chose ur name as my baptism name, so im serene annabelle now.

i love what you wrote, and this is exactly how I feel towards my partner now.

thank you for your cut-throat honesty in your posts that touch my heart. :)

Jesus loves you, and He will love you forevermore. :)