Friday, February 12

Late Night Blog Reading

So I can't sleep because I had a bad runny nose and took Sudafed instead of Benedryl -- Dumb move I know. But I've been poking around on ChickfFilA related sites and stumbled upon this great blog from Dan Cathy. Hope you guys enjoy it and that it spurs you on to a wonderful Friday and an excitement for your Monday morning. =^D

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It’s time to KO, TGIF
You see it on posters. It’s printed on coffee mugs. There’s even a restaurant that uses it as its name. But despite how often it pops up, it’s still one of the most subtly damaging ideas for your company and even your family. What is it?

“Thank God It’s Friday!”

Yes it’s playful and on some levels, just a silly phrase to say amongst coworkers on a Friday morning as the weekend sneaks into view. The problem though is all the ideas that ride on the coattails of that phrase. Because here’s what we really say when we say, “Thank God It’s Friday:”

•“I don’t like my job.”
•“My job is just something I have to do until I get to do the things I want to do on the weekend.”
•“Work is a chore and not fun and not enjoyable.”
Those are just three examples of what the TGIF phrase means in our jobs. There are hundreds of others. But what about our families? I mentioned it can impact us at home too. How so? Simple, little kids are little sponges. When they see you grumble on a Sunday night about not wanting to go to work, when they hear you complain on a Wednesday morning that you wish it was Friday already, they form a negative opinion of work. Work is unpleasant. Work is at best a necessary evil. Work is suffering.

They take that thought, they take those seeds you’ve planted and grow up learning to dislike work. They inherit the bad attitude and have a harder time seeing the joy and gratitude you can find in a job well done.

So what should we do?

I think it’s time to introduce a new phrase into our jobs and our families. I think it’s time for us all to remember the attitude Christ had when in John 17:4 he prayed, “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” I think it’s time for an attitude of gratitude.

It’s time for TGIM, “Thank God It’s Monday.”

Let’s head to work happy. Let’s find jobs and careers that challenge and grow us. Let’s not pretend the weekends aren’t fun, but let’s not assume you can’t have fun during the week too. Let’s show our coworkers and our employees, our spouses and our children, that work can be a blast. That you can look forward to a Monday. That at the end of the weekend, you can even grab a coffee mug that says “TGIM” and say with all sincerity,

“Thank God It’s Monday!”