Thursday, November 29


He sent me that text message at ungodly hour and told me that I was "just going to die" when I heard the news. I believed him.. I thought it was terrible. So all day I worried and I fretted and I wrung my hands. I almost didn't go to praise team. I almost told them I was sick and couldn't sing. I didn't want to hear the news. I decided if I wasn't there to hear it then it wasn't real and you would still be my best friend.But curiosity got the best of me and I went.
And much to my surprise the news wasn't terrible. It wasn't even bad... not even a little bit.. not even at all.

You are restored! You've returned! You're my brother!!! You, the one I've been praying for since Chicago, are back and better than ever! And unlike the times before, this is real. I could feel it even as you spoke the words to me. I heard the news and couldn't restrain myself! I'm surprised you can still breathe after those hugs...

I'm just so relieved...

If only the migraine would follow the example of the weight on my shoulders and just.. go away.