Friday, December 14

It's Just The Hurt That You Hide

It's not that I don't appreciate their sympathy or that I feel that they should be doing more.. It's not that at all. It's just not what makes it feel better. Nothing really makes it better, you know. And really... what more could they do?

I just want someone.. a particular someone, that is... to stop being so self involved and take the time to pull me out of this pit I'm digging and tell me that it really will be ok. All I want is a real hug. The kind that makes the world go away for a minute. Not a side hug or a pat on the arm that you call a hug, but a big, wrap-me-up-in-your-arms hug. It's funny.. just thinking about those hugs eases the pain a bit. Oh how I wish...

But wishing only gets you so far and almost nowhere when miles are inbetween. So I'll listen to Josh Groban telling me not to give up and pretend I believe him when he says I'm loved. I've always had a pretty good imagination... If only it was so good that I could actually convince myself that this is all just some nightmare that I can wake up from.

Somebody wake me up...