Friday, December 7

No More Extra In My Ordinary, Please

It feels like the troubles these days come in packs. None of the simple "Take a number and please wait patiently" stuff either. You'd think I was the DMV and it was lunch time the way these situations are boiling over.
I'm just one person, ok? I appreciate that you don't understand the full extent of what's going on with me here, really I do, but I just can't deal with everything at once. It's hard enough dealing with one of you at a time these days... More than that is just unthinkable.
So if I don't react the way you expected. If it seems like I'm not listening... Could you perhaps consider that I'm not all there and that I can't do much about that? Could you cut me some slack?
While, yes, you're used to me holding the load of someone much more older and mature, I am still just 17. I think I'd like to be able to believe that for the next couple of weeks... That I'm still a teenager. For the past year (at least) I've been feeling so much older. But just now I'd like somebody to puch the reset button and send me back into my default...

For the next few days I'm just a normal 17 year old girl. I'll do school, go to youth group, and goof off with my camera at various places around town. And I'll call my best friends to talk about boys. Boys. Not health issues and insurance payments and car trouble. Boys.

And I won't be in love with any of them. I just like this one and that one. Because they're cute... But I won't love them. That's too grown up for me this week.