Monday, December 17

Why You Can't Be On My List

The Other Half of the Damn Cute Couple of Yesteryear
-you smoke, drink, and do far too many things
-you don't know Him
-I'm far too prone to be your cute little girlfriend who follows you around like a sick puppy
-you know me too well
-when we talk i forget why we broke up in the first place

The Other Half of the Star Crossed Jilted Couple of Yesteryear
-you smoke and drink with so much excess I'm afraid you won't be around very long
-I know just how far I was willing to go then
-you broke my heart
-you'd do it again willingly
-you're easily angered and I'd let you walk all over me
-you don't know Him either

The Other Half of the Almost Summer Couple
-you just want a girl, any girl... it's not that you want me
-you're not as great as I thought you were
-you've got a tendancy to make me giddy that makes me stupid
-you live in another city

The Best Friend
-you don't feel them same way
-you're young enough to be too young and old enough to seem acceptable and you like to switch back and forth
-you're dead gone on that beautiful blonde
-I don't fit in your world

My Non-biological Big Brother
-you're otherwise occupied
-they'd all be right
-you're not quite strong enough to keep me grounded
-you're too old for me, I guess
-you live in another city

I guess it's back to the original list. The one with just your name on it. That list is kinda sweet, but feels pointless sometimes. I feel like quoting Charlie Brown when January comes around...
I wish it were December all year.