Monday, March 24


Animals know when we're upset. I think they must be nature's antidepressant. Or painkiller. Maybe both.

Last night Lewis came and slept at the foot of my bed for like the first time ever. Lewis. I mean, Digory - sure. But not Lewis.
I think he knew that if I was left to my own devices I wouldn't have slept. If left alone I would have stayed up all night and obsessed and tried to figure it all out on my own. It's a good thing he came because I never would have figured it out. I still don't know what's happening here and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Forget my drama too. That doesn't even matter anymore. I mean... it matters (that's kind of the point of at least one very large portion -- that it matters), but it pales in comparission now. Mr. Richburg died a few hours ago.

He was a fighter. Strong when he should've been weak. But he wasn't. He was strong. He was always so strong. And now he's gone. It makes me wonder if any of us have a chance.

I just don't know- maybe none of this makes sense at all - but does it really have to. Nothing really does for very long. Eventually we all just get lost in between the lines anyways.