Monday, March 24

Pocket Full of Sunshine?

Take me away: A secret place.
To better days take me away.
Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

Somedays that last sentance is harder to believe than others.

I need to get away. Quickly. Far FAR away for as long as possible. I need an escape and I desperately need to find a place where I feel safe.

What I need is a good long book. That's the cheapest and sometimes most effective form of escape that I know. And I need effective. And cheap seeing as how I am now unemployed and running low on gas. Does anyone else remember 99 cent gas? I used to get those little sesame candies...

I wanna go back to Vincent and get sesame candies and a glass bottle coke. I wanna walk the railroad tracks and sit in the feild next to my old house until i smell like grass. I want to "fall" into the lake. I wanna swing in an old tire and get my jeans all dirty.

I wanna be like 5 years old again. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this