Wednesday, April 9

Bliss or Something Like It

Ignorance is beautiful. Like a strange form of forgiveness if you think about it long enough. Or rather it's something that demands forgiveness. Afterall, how can one be held accountable for their actions if they are unaware of their misdeeds? How can you prosecute an ignorant criminal?
Perhaps that's why we all cling to it so. A plea of innocence by reason of insanity can be a precious thing indeed. And is that not what ignorance is -- insanity? This world, this day and age -- information is at our fingertips, down to our toes, and up to our eyeballs. One must be insane to ignore it all.
Or are we the real loons? Are we screwballs for not shutting our eyes and allowing this world and all it's information seep in? Are they ignorant geniuses? Are they sitting on the other side of this observation glass shaking their heads at us, clicking their tongues in dissaproval. "Oh you informed fools - you dumb little scholars"

I wish that ignorance was bliss. I wish that information was bliss. I wish that anything was bliss. This world is weighing me down. I no longer want any part of its information, no part in it's ignorance, no part in it's anything.

I refuse to settle for something similiar to bliss. I'm setting my thoughts on things above. No blindfold, no eyeglasses, just blinders. Like a horse with one destination in mind.