Thursday, April 10


Lonliness, haste, and a brokenness
Hoping the bandage would hold
Knowing we'd fail, we tried our best
Pretending the straw turned to gold

Impermanence pierced the warmth and the light
Faintly a whisper was heard
Unsure of the truth then, you closed your eyes
And mumbled discouraging words

I've given you what was not mine to give
Laid it all there in your hands
We're all only given this one life to live
Nothing more, despite our demands

Just a heart, just a soul, just a life
Just a means to the end of this strife
I should never have made that mistake
What I've taken was not mine to take

And though it's too late, and yes far too small
You should know that I'm sorry for all of it -- All
All the pushing, the pulling, the rushing, the stall
I'm begging forgiveness for causing your fall

By mercy, by grace, I know that I'm free
From the chains and the locks that were once holding me
I am free from my self, from my past, from my now
And from this release, my free lips speak this vow

To never allow my head and my heart
To swim in emotion, to drift far apart
Never to take my eyes from my goal
Never forget the HE made me whole