Thursday, September 18

Call to Greatness

Little bursts of burning amber
Crying out from miles away
“Don’t you know there’s so much more
Than this meaningless day to day

If you could only see the sights
The beauties I have seen
You might begin to change your life
To strive towards all your dreams

There’s more than just paying bills
And fulfilling simple roles
Great things will come those who’ll run
And chase the more elusive goals

Like now, you see I’m fading fast
I’m sinking farther west
This town won’t see me till the morn’
But will you be content to rest?

Or will you choose adventure
And mount your trusty steed
Gallop towards the setting sun
Follow where it leads?

It may not be the calmest route
But if you don’t shut your eyes
You’ll leave behind the ordinary
You’ll win, and hold the prize