Saturday, September 27

Comfort from Empty Sleeves and Stuffed Substitutes

When I awoke from the nightmare I wanted so bad to call you and hear your voice telling me that everything was going to be ok. But I couldn't, because that's not something you need to do anymore. You've got to focus on your own nightmares, you can't come running when I call for you. I can't even call for you.

So I just held onto your sweatshirt and the teddy bear you gave me for dear life. To be fair, you did tell me that you gave me the bear because you wouldn't always be able to be with me when I needed you.

I can't make this longing for you go away. I feel this empty void around me where your arms should be and it feels like I'm falling in this black hole of futility.

I don't wanna have anymore of these nightmares.


Anonymous said...

"When victory,
not my victory,
but the great victory comes,
even though I am mute I must speak;
I shall see it come even
though I am blind."-Pablo Neruda