Friday, September 26

You've Got to Know I Won't Throw Stones Your Way

I sat and wallowed today. She told me to snap out of it and that she was just like me and we both knew this wouldn't just be a one day thing so I could just quit kidding myself. I told myself I just needed one day and that after that day I'd be fine and I'd only think about it every once in awhile. Which really means like every 5 seconds since I've got this reminder attatched to my left extremity and let's face it... I'm a girl -- and an Anna at that.

I refuse to do what I always do. I'm not gunna spend a week at home feeling sorry and I'm not gunna beg and plead with God for things to be diferent. I'm going to go to Community Groups and I'm gunna play Capture the Flag (yes, in crutches). I'm not going to talk to the people I always talk to and end up crying about it again. I'm going to accept it and move on as best I can. I won't leave this kicking and screaming like before.

Because it's just more important than me right now. Way more important. And I'm gunna be ok. It's just another one of those things that I can't control, one of those things that's going to make me stronger.

I'm praying for you.You're my best friend. Nothing's changed about that.