Thursday, October 2

Note to Self

Remember how it felt when you were in those shoes and don't allow yourself to get high and mighty now that it's on the other foot.

Never underestimate the pure unadulterated stupidity of a teenage boy.

Never underestimate the importance of good timing.

Never underestimate the beauty in laughing at yourself and the ironic situations you get yourself into on a daily basis. (And while we'e on that -- I do get myself in some interesting ones. It's like my role in life is to inspire situations in which ridiculous stories can take place)

Hold that love in your heart and guard it with all your might. It runs deeper than others and will not be drained easily, but don't let outside factors poison the waters or you'll regret even knowing it in the first place.

And last but not least...
Next time you see a bike -- walk in a calm and orderly fashion in the opposite direction in order to avoid a situation in which you might be placed on crutches for any period of time. The increased upper arm strength isn't worth it.