Monday, September 29

No Moon, No Cars, November

She sits in a white room, elevated on the paper-covered table, waiting for the results, waiting to hear that she can look forward to dropping the weight holding her down and run, or at least walk, free.

He walks in and simply says, "November."

"November?", she asked in disbelief.

"November.", he said with sincerity.

"November...", she sighed in a somewhat defeated tone of acceptance. She thought to herself what 'November' meant. 'November' meant another month of no income, bills left unpaid, crutches, and sitting at home. 'November' meant for another month she would have a reminder there on her left side that she should have been smarter, she should have avoided it somehow. At the very least she should have gaurded her vulnerable self.

On the bright side she would continue to develop that upper body strength picking herself off the ground every other second.

As she drove away from the white room she decided once again that she would not let this sentance keep her down. She would trust that the bills would somehow be provided for. She would keep busy with whatever she could. She would cheer herself by cheering someone else, as Mark Twain advised. She wouldn't dwell on the "shoulda, coulda, woulda"s she's been running over in her heart for the past three weeks.

"November will come... but I won't be waiting for it."