Monday, November 24

Fickle Insomnia

It bothers me that I can not stay asleep. I'll start out with this really shallow half awake sleep and two hours or so later I'll finally start fading more and more and just a few moments after my body has finally drifted down to the deep recesses of sweet sleep my mind is like "WHOA! WAKE UP! nuh-uh no more of that rest stuf for you, you got places to go, people to see, pillows to throw at the ceiling" and it's just gone. It's not even like.. I need to get up use the restroom I'm just instantly ripped from unconsciousness and am denied return for a couple hours.

Totally stinks. Like I might ask my doctor if there's some medicine he can put me on. As much as I love staying awake till the wee small hours of the mornign, when I actually do sleep I would love to get this mythical "good nights rest" I keep hearing about rather than two or three little power naps.

If ya've got any tips or ideas of things I could do with this random time that God apparently wants me awake for -- by all means let me know.