Friday, November 28

In The Words of My Nephew "Dun dah dah di la la MAMA lala DADDY!"

In review of my day that included, but was not limited too, extensive diaper changing, three very eventful meals, an epic chase of a diaper-escaped 15 month old, and almost an entire day passing without a single intelligent conversation... can I just tell you how exhuberently happy I am that I am not a mother?

It's freaking tiring! The kid woke up at 5:45.. 5:45!!! I don't remember but I'm pretty sure the sun wasn't even up yet. He only took one nap. One very short nap at 10:30. Also -- he's beyond energetic. Like, there's Malibu Barbie, Hannah Montana, thee Energizer Bunny and then like 50 notches up -- Daniel Clayton Talley. He just kept going, and going, and going... Not only that but he has this ridiculous ability to know exactly what he should not get into and then make like a heat-seeking missile and lock onto it.

I'm so tired, and my back hurts (kid weighs something liek 27 pounds.. which coincidentally is also the weight of the turkey we had yesterday), and I think I stopped hearing somewhere after the 20th time he screamed at a pitch that could have been picked up by dogs in Switzerland.

All this to say.. Here's to parents. Especially those with small children who can walk. ESPECIALLY to those who don't kill their children in the middle of this very trying stage of life..

And to those of you with little ones on the way....

Good Luck.