Wednesday, December 10

Wash Over Me

Watchin the raindrops as they jump from the clouds
Wish I could be where I could catch them
Playin' inside- oh- save that for a sunny day
All this shelter's over rated

Wanna run outside and spin around
Sing to the water fallin

Wash Over Me
Come make me clean
Wash Over Me
Oh set me free

Heedless of the lightning that's playing with me
I make myself a child again
Dance with the thunder, don't you know it's the voice of God
Letting you know it's all from Him

If the wind messes up my hair
And I get soaking wet
If everybody starts to stare
Just lift my hands higher, smile wider
Sing "Why should I care"


Brock said...

This is awesome, much more so because I love thunderstorms and through a tough time in my life I would sit out in the rain and listen for God's voice in the thunder.

Great song!