Monday, August 30

Watts and Watts

What did the baby light bulb say to it's mommy? I wuv you watts and watts!!

Little One,

Tomorrow we find out what kind of baby you are. Well, I guess that's a silly way of putting it, because we won't know what kind of personality you'll have or what music you'll like or the things that will make you who you will be. We will, however, find out whether you'll be a girl or a boy.

Daddy thinks you're a boy. He's been sure of it since the beginning. I just haven't got a clue. For a little while I was sure you were a girl -mostly because I was just so sick and everything I read said that meant you were likely to be a little girl with lots of girlie hormones. But now, I just haven't got the slightest little idea of which one you are. I do know that I love you watts and watts no matter what color your wrist band is on the day I get to hold you.

I'm just so excited to find out!!!