Saturday, October 2

Wait She Will, Wait She Did

It's been a long time since I've looked through my old lyrics and other scribblings. At least a good year since I've even opened up this laptop with it's jacked up LCD screen... I remember when I wrote so much that I couldn't even wait to get out of the car to start composing little poems and choruses. It's been a long, long time since I was that tuned into what was going on under the surface.
Then we all grew up and got busy....

I should start writing more. It helps me calm down the little tempests brewing underneath it all before things get so pressurized and I start to fall apart. It helps me keep those little things from building up so that when the big things come in from left field I'm not knocked on my feet. Sometimes it can even keep those big things from coming -- lets me see how really petty and selfish those little snowballing issues are before they become avalanches.

But before I go into all that - I think I'll call up some of those scribbles from way back when, reflect and see the road that's led to this current stage of the journey.

Wait She Will, Wait She Did

Fading, she prays for a dreamless sleep
Fainting, she’s tired of remembering
All those flashes of smiles that used to be
Not so faded pictures that look so happy
Songs that she can’t handle singing
Pain is all nostalgia’s bringing

And hasn’t she seen her share of pain
Does she have to go through this again
Last time it ended she took a leap
Into another worthless heap
A pile of lies, a cloud of vapor
No sweetness left for her to savor

This time she knows that’s not a choice
For now there speaks a small, firm voice
That this one, this different one
Is not one that can be simply gone
The waters of this love run deeply
And when it’s dry, will echo sweetly

This is where she was and where she remains
This is her passion, complete with her pain
Her heart, though fickle she’s been known to be,
Will not yield this day to misery
Unselfish love, steadfast will stand
And wait, she will, for her beloved’s hand